a cool way to free up the creative process

A friend sent us these photos of the drawings her young artist/fashion-design-o-phile daughter made on her desktop, with this note:

” My daughter artist drawing on her brand new desk… When we moved into our new home w her NEW desk, she needed to make it her own.

I was blown away when I saw her markings. As a kid I would not ever have been allowed this. Who knows how this gesture could free her up in her creative process as she develops?”

We’re reminded of the post we did about artist Dieter Roth, who covered his work tables with sheets of cardboard, so he could write/draw/collage what he wanted then-and-there; they eventually become artworks.

We love the idea of ideas flowing right from the brain onto a page or a surface (with no worries about “brand new”)…

…and who knows how that would help to free up the creative process…? 

(We’re wondering how it would be to paint a work surface with erasable whiteboard paint, so you could scribble your ideas with markers as you would on a wall, and erase or modify them as things flow.)

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idea maps on a ‘whiteboard’ wall

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