tweets from bauhaus to brooklyn + reader’s improvs on facebook

We been slow in adding essential information to the ‘the improvised life’s homepage (that will be there permanently one day): that we we’re tweeting the great quick improvisations we find, like this unbelievably beautiful Bauhaus cloth print designed on a typewriter, and this fabulous ‘do’ from Alexander McQueen

…and the amazing muraled elevator at Scandinavia house in NYC…

Sally Schneider

…not to mention an ingeniously rigged cooker + umbrella stand spotted in Brooklyn…

Sally Schneider

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AND/OR… You’ll find EVERYTHING we do compiled on ‘the improvised life’s facebook page: tweets, posts AND uploads of readers’ improvisations, like Betsy Ryland’s lamp made out of vintage motorcycles, that she’s selling on Etsy...

You can upload your own improvisations, photos, videos and discoveries at

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  1. Sally 12.07.2010 at 12:33pm #

    We sent this post out with a word missing, so that our opening line was pretty garbled. Cara de Silva, who is a wonderful writer, alerted us to it. When we wrote back to say it was fixed she emailed these heartening words:

    “Actually, I rather liked ‘that we tweeting great quick improvisations we
    find.’ It sounded like a line from an e.e. cummings or Gerard Manley
    Hopkins poem or even Shakespeare.

    …our unintended improvisation…

    Thanks Cara!

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