daniel hale: rethinking xmas trees

We’ve been seeing a lot of great alt-Christmas trees around, but our favorites so far are architect/salvage artist Daniel Hale’s constructions at his home in Napa Valley, featured on his Holiday Home Tour blog post. He made several holiday trees – all very different –  starting with the one in the entryway, made of “cut-offs and discards from the year’s projects”. The lines of orange paint are the brilliant touch that pulls it together…

Daniel Hale

…He calls this “yule log”!…(We’re wondering if he will set this ablaze one cold starry night…)

Daniel Hale

…the star at the top of the living room tree is made of old paintbrushes…

Daniel Hale

And just for some perspective, check out the Beer Keg Christmas Tree we tweeted earlier (if you haven’t already).

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2 Responses to daniel hale: rethinking xmas trees

  1. pippin 12.13.2010 at 2:05pm #

    years ago a read about a prison (soviet era maybe?) where the prisoners hoarded bits of foil and colored paper and made a christmas tree from them (which was forbidden as i recall.) one of them said it was the most beautiful object he had ever seen. (if i remember where i read about it, i’ll post a follow up.) many times i have imagined what that little tree must have looked like and pondered the prisoner’s hunger for beauty. hmmm, if
    time = $
    light = beauty

  2. Sally 12.14.2010 at 4:42pm #

    Pippin, what an amazing thing. I would love to see that tree. I’ve long been into prisoners’ inventions, often made out of almost nothing, and quite astonishing. One day we will do a post on it. I love your poetic equation/question…Thanks!

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