a 4-minute video vacation with ‘the emeralds’

The holidays, winter and too much work are making our head spin; why don’t we take a little break?…

Music = Candy Shoppe via The Emeralds from the album Does It Look Like I’m Here

Video = an anonymous edit of  Dziga Vertov’s Man With Movie Camera (1929)

via BoingBoing

2 Responses to a 4-minute video vacation with ‘the emeralds’

  1. Elizabeth 12.14.2010 at 11:56am #

    mesmerizing, beautiful — I couldn’t stop watching. It made me think about people’s faces — why they looked different —

  2. nameKristen 12.15.2010 at 9:24am #

    What an oddly beautiful piece! It made me think of the complete joy/innocence of childhood revisited…and yes! Great holiday madness antidote.

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