pates’ tapes: hours of terrific music – free

William Abranowicz sent us an email this morning that contained a big gift: a link to Pates’ Tapes, hours of cool mixed tapes to listen to free online. They are the masterwork of Charles Pates, the Creative Director at Garnet Hill who, since 1977, has been creating mixes from his remarkable collection of vinyl records. Over the years they’ve gone from old-fashioned cassette to online music player, with an increasingly large following. It’s not easy to create a good mixed tape; it takes lots of thought and consideration and time…and a kind of improvisational mindset. Pates’ Tapes is a labor of love.

You can choose a tape to suit your mood or what ever’s going on, from Global Mixes, to Blues, to the best collection of Christmas Music we’ve heard.

All you have to do is choose the category, and hit PLAY!

Addendum:  Charles Pate wrote us today to say: “Stand by for 10 more tapes per category, and some other bells and whistles coming out in January…not the least of which is goodbye Christmas tapes, hello my Classical pile.”


via A + B  See….THANKS BILL!

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  1. Elizabeth 12.17.2010 at 12:42am #

    Wow! Another terrific lead. I have such fond memories of mixed tapes — ones that my college boyfriend used to make for me.

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