the beauty of black masking tape

Annaleena K Photography

We hadn’t realized how beautiful black masking tape could be – we actually hadn’t realized there WAS such a thing – until we saw it used to hang a poster on Annaleena’s Hem. The black takes it out of the realm of masking tape and into a bold, intentional, very cool, happily impermanent, unframed picture hanger.It’s a bargain at $6.50 a roll.

Annaleena K Photography

We’re already thinking of other uses: to make dramatic black-and-white-gift wrapping with plain paper and black tape…

…and, of course, signs on walls…

via Annaleena’s Hem

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3 Responses to the beauty of black masking tape

  1. Elizabeth 01.04.2011 at 2:23am #

    Maybe I can finally hang the photo of my son surfing without resorting to a hammer and nails! Thank you —

  2. pippin 01.04.2011 at 5:41pm #

    hmmm. are you sure it is masking tape? it may be electrical tape.
    and by the by, it comes in other colors. cruise through the electrical section of a building supply store and you will find black, white, green, red, and orange possibly.


  3. Sally 01.04.2011 at 7:09pm #

    I’m pretty sure it’s masking tape since electrical tape is shiny. That being said, I’m a BIG fan of electrical tape and keep a supply in different colors, with chrome yellow, blue and red being favorites. I find it to be fine on walls…

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