roy arden’s blog: james brown’s dance lessons and homemade ferris wheels…

We are completely smitten with our latest find in the blogsphere: artist Roy Arden‘s UndertheSun. Totally visual, with variously-sized, in-your-face photos and video, Arden posts riffs whose connections can start out clear and then veer into wild territory: this is blog as artwork. This crazy good video of James Brown’s dance lessons (which makes us want to DANCE) followed a groove on makeshift and human-powered ferris wheels, among other things. We love how it surprises us and shakes us UP. Maria Robledo described Arden’s blog perfectly:

“roy Ardens blog is inmensly compelling with these rich juxtapositions.
I lost myself.


The index at the bottom of each page will guide you IN.

via UndertheSun

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