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Sally Schneider

Wine writer Anthony Giglio, who entertains a lot and gives some of the BEST dinner parties we’ve ever been to, alerted us to Broke and Chic Projects “The Top Ten Rules for Throwing a Thrifty & Super Fabulously Chic Dinner Party Every Time You Entertain“.

In his email, Anthony wrote:  “Number 5 being the quote that caught me. It’s not as polished or “literate” or “writerly” as it could be, but the meat is there.”

5) DIY is Just Another Word for Couture. What people with unlimited budget for entertaining have that you don’t have is the ability to buy other people’s labor. That’s all. If you are willing to put the labor in, to do it yourself, you will have the most delicious food, fabulous drinks, and nifty dinner party ever. To buy a luscious cake for 12 people will cost you somewhere near $100 to make it less than $10. It’s that simple. By starting in advance and lavishing love and attention on what you are making (like a couturier) you will have perfection.

DIY is Just Another Word for Couture = right-on perfect!

Thanks Anthony!

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