‘changing thoughts, changing future’ (nannucci)

Maurizio Nannucci (2003)

We stumbled on this great sign by artist Maurizio Nannucci in a post on Brilliant Interiors’ blog about the late great art collector Peggy Guggenheim‘s property in Venice, now the which houses her collection, as well as newer pieces.

Nannucci is known for his luminous neon writings. Check out the mind-altering digital companion piece to the work above. The constantly changing line at the top resonates big time:

…”another notion of possibility”…

……..”nothing new to say but something to say in a new way”…

…decouvrir different directions”…

…….”new worlds are dark as long as they are not lighted”…

We wish we could light them up in colors in this post as they light us up inside.

Check out more of Nannucci’s work here. To take a virtual tour of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, click here.

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