kraftwerk mixtape + their new music generating app

Radioaktiv – Kraftwerk 1973-2000 by Djmq on Mixcloud

Dangerous Minds posted this free hour-long mix of the now defunct band Kraftwerk’s pioneering electronic music. (It seemed revolutionary when it first appeared. Curiously, we read that they were heavily influenced by the Beach Boys, in addition to the German composer Stockhausen). It’s an example of what’s possible from MixCloud, a site full of free music mixes.

We find short doses of Kraftwerk good to work to, i.e. we can think and write while it’s on in the background…some of it makes our ideas shoot around in a nice way. Some of it makes us jump around. (We don’t know how to shift off a song we’re not crazy about without interrupting the mix, so we just turn the volume down way low.)

Meanwhile, Kraftwerk, has released an intriguing “interactive 24-hour music generator” for the iPhone and iPad that allows users generate music based on a user’s physical location imaged on the screen (realtime data is continuously fed in); it can then be manipulated with the fingertips in various ways. According to Synthtopia, it’s in it’s elemental stage, with more functionality to come.

The Kling Klang Machine is available here for $8.99.

via Dangerous Minds + Design Taxi

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