small space wonder: 258 sq ft puzzle-box penthouse

After we posted Gary Chang’s 344 square foot Hong Kong apartment, we thought we’d pretty much seen the pinnacle of morphing possibilities for TINY. Until this morning, when we found ourselves riveted by this video of photographer Christian Schallert‘s 258 square foot Barcelona apartment (apx 11′ x 23’): a former pigeon loft re-envisioned by designer Barbara Appolloni. (Check out the “before” shots in the beginning!) We’ve seen this clever configuration of cubes likened to Legos, but find the image misleading. This completely built-in, every-need-and-square-inch-considered space is like one of those Chinese puzzle boxes that suddenly open to reveal hidden chambers; everything is hidden behind walls until Schallert wants to access it. It is an “action apartment”, given great charm by the stunning view and penthouse feel.

Schallert says he was inspired by his childhood summer spent by a lake and the small, wonderfully designed boats he saw. Japan was another influence. Says Schallert:

“At the end of the day, what do you really need for living? You need a nice comfortable mattress and nice clean sheets, running water, shower and a stove to cook on…You don’t need to much stuff.”

Video link here. More photos here.

via Better Living Through Design

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5 Responses to small space wonder: 258 sq ft puzzle-box penthouse

  1. jody 05.06.2011 at 12:26pm #

    so fabulous…so hip…so cool…major inspirational and fun!!

  2. Elizabeth 05.07.2011 at 12:53am #

    I want one.

  3. Donna 05.07.2011 at 7:45am #

    perfect…. but no washing machine!!
    We live in 55 square meters – about double his space. Will definitely try to incorporate some of his ideas!

  4. Sally 05.07.2011 at 9:29am #

    If you come up with something interesting, let’s us know!

  5. Julie Aylward 12.21.2011 at 5:42pm #

    I teach Theatre Arts. My students and I are enthralled and salute you and your design inspiration. May we take a page from your book for a musical production?

    Best to you –
    Julie Aylward

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