a mama for mother’s day

…a 1950’s mama…(let’s see, that would put her in her nineties now)…

…just remember, there’s a lot about your mother – thousands of secret improvisations – that you don’t know…

2 Responses to a mama for mother’s day

  1. Catherine 05.08.2011 at 12:47pm #

    Wonderful photo–whose mom is that? I have a photo of my mother that my father took before my sisters and I were born (which dates it to the mid-forties), lying on a bed in a filmy bra–very Betty Grable. It takes such a long time to realize that our mothers are fully rounded people, just like ourselves.

  2. Elizabeth 05.08.2011 at 1:22pm #

    Lovely — there’s something ineffable about those black and white photos of the past. It’s difficult to imagine that ours will be the same —

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