d-i-y clothespin picture/leaf/anything hanger

We like surface pattern designer Leah Duncan‘s play on the much-blogged clothespins-strung-on-pretty-cord to display pictures. She uses them to display leaves or other found items…as well as notes, designs she’s working on, things to remember:

It reminded us of the hanging collage/mobile designer Pamela Hovland made for her son when he was young (with apologies for the poor photo quality, but you get the idea):

clothes pin kid's room mobile

We also love the bit of Leah’s About Page that tells how she re-created herself:

“…in 2008, after working as a graphic designer for advertising firms and screen-printing companies, twenty-something leah moved to austin, texas, picked up a bic pen, and started drawing. determined to make a living doing what she loves, leah taught herself illustration, how to sew, and surface pattern design. three years later her goods are sold in the handmade and boutique markets internationally and her licenses clients include target, urban outfitters, and teroforma.”


via Bloesem

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blue tape paintings

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