dominic wilcox’s solutions for the ‘everyday’

Dominic Wilcox's Welcoming Welcome Mat Room

Dominic Wilcox

We are completely smitten with Variations on Normal, Dominic Wilcox’s blog about his inventions and simple,”out there” solutions to everyday needs and wants. Wilcox is a self-described “artist, designer, inventor and ‘thinkeruper’ who works within the territory of the ‘everyday’.” That’s our favorite territory.

Each of Wilcox’s concepts and inventions is annotated. To make his room more welcoming, he carpeted it with Welcome mats. “You can even wipe your feet wherever you want. Oh and there is a patch of floor where the door mat should be.”

” …to avoid the squeezing at wrong end arguments” he invented Two WayToothpaste, with a cap on each end.

Wilcox has gained some notoriety of late for his phallic and practical Finger-nose stylus for touchscreen technology…

Video link here. But his simple line drawings are pretty great:

Dominic Wilcox's Queue shoulder hook table

Dominic Wilcox

Dominic Wilcox's Screw-in Coffines

Dominic Wilcox

Be sure to check out the section called “Speed Creating“: Wilcox’s challenge to himself to make something creative each day for 30 consecutive days. “I hoped to force myself into making quick decisions, creating things instinctively.”

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2 Responses to dominic wilcox’s solutions for the ‘everyday’

  1. Jan 06.21.2011 at 7:29am #

    Love the creative ideas!
    How many welcome mats did it take to cover the floor and how much did it cost?
    Love the idea!

  2. Sally 06.21.2011 at 9:03am #

    I wish I knew. I guess you’d have do it like a puzzle, figuring the size of your floor, and the size of the mats. …wonder if you can buy them ib bulk….

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