dental floss shoe repair (thinking on your feet!)

dental floss shoe repair

Charles McFarlane

Charles McFarlane, a friend who is a student at the Rudolf Steiner school (and who provided the material for the great post on World War II improvisations recently), sent us this inspired improv he spotted at school.

“…when a friend’s canvas shoes started to separate at the sole, he used dental floss to chain stitch them back together.”

Great! (We never thought about dental floss….)

Made any good repairs lately?

Thanks Charles!

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3 Responses to dental floss shoe repair (thinking on your feet!)

  1. Catherine 06.14.2011 at 12:49am #

    I always get such a sense of accomplishment when I repair something, and the less it costs, the happier I feel. I never thought of using dental floss, but I used to work with a Vietnamese dishwasher who could fix anything with duct tape. Coming from a place of few resources, he had to learn to improvise.

  2. ~Heather 06.14.2011 at 9:27am #

    I’ve used dental floss as a back up to fix or tie things together when I’m out camping. Sometimes you have to use what you have around!

  3. Lee 09.18.2011 at 9:45pm #

    Interesting use of dental floss.
    My father, who is slightly evil and exceptionally fair-skinned was on vacation with us and another family. He was bored when we went to the beach because he just couldn’t tolerate the sun. To entertain himself he used a dresser drawer, a shoe, and some dental floss along with some breakfast leftovers. He then fashioned a pigeon trap for the balcony, caught several birds and let them go in the other family’s room. No animals were harmed, but we never left him alone again!

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