‘the improvised life’ in detroit, harlem and governors island

Over the past few months, ‘the improvised life’ has been contacted by some very interesting folks who are implementing our ideas into their work. Leslie Koch, President of the Trust for Governor’s Island regularly sends our posts to her staff to spark ideas for the island’s programming. The island is home to a number of projects that embody ‘the improvised life’…Etsy artisans, impromptu games, artist studios; it’s a unique canvas for out-of-the-box projects, art and happenings. We’ll be heading there in a couple of weeks to check it out.

Meanwhile, Andy Didorosi, an entrepeneur in Detroit has been renovating Paper Street, his 22,000 sq/ft small business incubator, using ideas he culled from ‘the improvised life’. We’ve been discussing about designing something special for the space.

And just recently, our good friend Ana invited us to blog AND help with the renovation of the 900 square-foot, full-of-potential-and-in-need-of-work apartment she bought in Harlem. She has big ideas and is working under a really tight budget, just the constraints we love. She envisions it being something of a laboratory for ‘improvised life’ principles and ideas, and we’re thrilled.  There’ll be lots of Before/In Process/and Afters. Stay tuned!

What would you do if you had an island as a canvas? An industrial space?…An apartment?…

2 Responses to ‘the improvised life’ in detroit, harlem and governors island

  1. Cara De Silva 06.15.2011 at 7:52am #

    This is just wonderful news, Sally. And exactly what I would wish for The Improvised Life and the imagination behind it.

  2. Sally 06.15.2011 at 10:48pm #

    Thanks! We’re thrilled at seeing ‘the improvised life’ resonating in REAL life/lives.

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