awesome building blocks for kids + grownups (to d-i-y?)

interlocking colored building blocks

Wary Meyers

Wary Meyers has the BEST eye for flea market finds. Dig this giant set of colorful interlocking building blocks he posted on his site. They have no known provenance. Says Wary:

They could be old, could be new.

My guess is this was an old collaboration between Josef Albers and Donald Judd.

and Bill Ding.

We can’t tell their size from the photos but imagine them – would LOVE them – to be about one foot long each, so they could interlock into chic stools, side tables, shelves and other usable structures, for kids or adults. Looking at a bird’s eye view, you can imagine how easy they would be to make a set out of wood using the right power saw (which one Nina?)…then paint them fabulous colors.

Now there’s a d-i-y!

interlocking colorful building block set

Wary Meyers

Via Wary Meyers

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3 Responses to awesome building blocks for kids + grownups (to d-i-y?)

  1. Hannah van Gulden 09.08.2011 at 3:46pm #

    Thank you for the feature! I am glad that someone tracked us down and let us know of our appearance on Improvised Life. These blocks are designed/produced by Learning Materials Workshop, a small company located in Burlington, VT. This particular set is called “Colorframes”, which has been around for several years, so this set could, indeed be a few years old. We do still sell this block set on our website, The set features 42 different Pantone colors, displaying different attributes of color: hue, intensity, and value. I’m sorry to say, the blocks are not 1′ long, but rather, each block is only 3″ in height. We also have many more beautiful, open-ended block sets available on our website. Check it out, and tell your friends!

  2. Sally 09.09.2011 at 5:19pm #

    Thanks for letting us know. They are really beautiful and would make a great gift for a kid, or maybe even us.


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