d-i-y cork mousepad

d-i-y cork mousepad mouse pad

Tara Mann

We found this great looking d-i-y mousepad on our friend Tara Mann’s Tumblr. We love Tara’s description of her eureka moment:

My friend Phillip recently had cork flooring put in his kitchen, and as I was shoving a cheese covered baguette down my throat, staring at the floor, I thought about how nice that material would look as a mousepad.

So I asked Phil if he had any extra cork, and he had quite a bit laying dormant in a closet. Anyways, I measured and cut the cork in squares of various sizes. They look great on desks and work really well!

Tara’s friends have been asking her to make them her cool mousepad. You can buy thin rolls of cork and cut it to custom sizes, or just buy precut 12″x12″ cork tiles and use as-is (we like their chocolate color).

Thanks Tara!

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