A very dear and amazing friend passed away today, so we are taking some time off. The world is a very different place without her and it’s going to take a while to find words. Right now we’re just going to remember her.

We’ll be back on Thursday.

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  1. Elizabeth 06.29.2011 at 1:23am #

    I am so sorry to hear that. Comforting thoughts and blessings sent your way —

  2. Sarah 06.29.2011 at 2:59am #

    May you find peace and comfort in your memories.

  3. Cassandra 06.29.2011 at 7:30am #

    I’m so sorry for you – loss is heartbreaking.

  4. Harriet 06.29.2011 at 8:41am #

    Oh, Sally, I’m so, so sorry to hear this. Know that you are in my thoughts.

  5. Harriet 06.29.2011 at 8:41am #

    Oh, Sally, I’m so, so sorry. Please know that you’re in my thoughts.

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