ideas hiding in plain sight: fab concrete ‘cloud’ wall

1010 Collection by MURMUR

Lately, we’ve been finding LOTS of inspiration over at Design Milk an haute design blog that features cutting-edge products. But it’s usually not the products that call us; our eye pops right away to the background. Last week, we discovered a wonderfully geometric, d-i-y-able pegboard headboard in a feature about a lacy throw made of dye-cut felt. Yesterday we were instantly smitten by the concrete walls in a post about high-design furniture by Murmur.  The walls appear to be concrete – one of our favorite materials – one color overlaying another in a sort of mottled way to make a pattern of cool, asymmetrical clouds. Or perhaps it’s concrete layered over old plaster. 

concrete and plaster patterned wall

Don’t know. But it makes us want to mix up some concrete and see what it does if we trowel it on to beat up surfaces….

…And reminds us that even in the slickest design images of stuff we can’t afford (or don’t even like), great ideas can be hiding in plain site.

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