practice flying (via the uganda skateboard union)

skateboarder in flight photo Yann Gross

Yann Gross

We thought we’d post this beautiful Yann Gross photo we stumbled on a while ago as an inspiring image unto itself, to ‘Practice Flying’. Then we decided to look into the story behind it.

We discovered that it is from a series of photographs Gross made about a hand-built skateboard park in Uganda. So smitten were the penniless kids of Kitintale with skateboarding that they figured out a way to build a rudimentary park themselves. Their passion for skateboarding has transformed their rough lives. Now the skateboard park is in need of repair so Gross made this video, telling the story and hoping to raise money (which you can do here).

It has many lovely moments, a lot of joy, great music and a huge amount of resourcefulness and inspiration.

Kitintale by Yann Gross from on Vimeo.

via Wallpaper

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