soleri’s cool chalky walls from “artists’ handmade houses” (+ our giveaway winner!!!)

Paolo Soleri Chalky Walls Artists Handmade Houses

Don Freeman

In honor of the conclusion of our Artists’ Handmade Houses giveaway contest, here’s one final photo from the book: some lovely chalky walls at Paolo Soleri’s Cosanti .

Six small sleeping areas, located along the east side of Cat Cast (so named because the earth pile on which the concrete was cast was mounded with a Caterpillar tractor) are divided by tilt-up concrete panels, which were cast onto carved earth. The colors, painted onto the earth forms prior to casting, adhere to the surface of the panels.—Michael Gotkin

We’re wondering if we could possibly create such an effect by rubbing pastel chalks over the surface of stucco or plaster…one of the endless ideas the book has given us.

Late last night we ran all 122 entries to the contest through Randomizer. Thank goodness we’d decided to pick the winner by random drawing; we NEVER could have chosen one out of the many remarkable comments describing “something you’ve fantasized doing to YOUR space if you had the wherewithal (money or practicality is no object).”  They are worth reading through not only for the imagination they show, but for how consistently they are about creating a space with CONNECTION, to people, nature, light, gardens, sky…There was not one
MacMansion or Donald Trumpesque Maison de la Casa in the bunch. (To read the Comments, scroll to the Comments section below the post. When you get to the end of one batch, click on Older Comments to continue reading.)

AND THE WINNER IS: Sara. Here’s her ideas for her place:

I’d make a place well insulated with ecologically sustainable systems. it would be modern: the inside and outside would be accessible to each other. Library, kitchen, drawing studio, three season porch with dining for friends would look out onto a winter greenhouse and summer food garden. I’d ride my bike to work. and have enough energy so things would stay in one piece. I’d actually use this book for a color reference, although I really do love the cabinets and general feeling from the photos I’ve seen. Mondoblog. Peavey. Hysterical and compelling narration. That’s my favorite post..ever.

Congratulations, Sara!! Please let us know how the book inspires…

Artists' Handmade Houses cover

Don Freeman

Still yearning for Artists’ Handmade Houses? You can buy it at Amazon when it’s back in stock (It’s been selling out).

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