fast forward’s rain music

One of our favorite pieces by experimental composer Fast Forward is this zen wonder, created by Fast holding a drum in the rain. (Video link here.) We asked him how it came about:

Not far from my house is a fantastic riverbed rock quarry. The acoustics down there are incredible. One day, my friend and I went to play there and on came a rain shower…a frame drum played by the heavens…

Boy, is THAT living in the moment, making the most of what is on hand!

Here’s another, 33 seconds of Fast’s wondrous, unexpected music/art, where there is always a strong visual component (Video link here):

Walking home in Bergen, Norway one night, I came across these beautiful rain pools. Bergen has an incredible amount of annual rainfall. It once rained every day for 3 weeks . . .

An inadvertent lesson in ‘found’ music from Fast Forward!

Thanks Fast!

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