taking a break (we’ll be back next week)

Asaro Mud Men Taking a Break

Anselmo Lastra/everywhere.com

It has been such a wild and busy few months, we find ourselves running out of gas. So we’re going to take a week’s break (and another at the end of August), to catch up with ourselves, our work, and the many projects we’ve got on the burner.

We were poking around for a picture of “taking a break” and stumbled on this one of Asaro Mud Men in Papua New Guinea, relaxing after a long day of performing at a cultural festival in Goroka. It seems somehow just right.

If you’re hungry for ‘the improvised life’, we recommend poking through the archive at the right. The drop-down menu will show months and years, and you can pick one at random to find a slew of posts you might have missed, approximating a bit of the usual morning surprise. Or type a word into SEARCH and see what happens…music, Legos, recipes, art…There are all sorts of goodies in our attic.

We’ll be back next week.


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  1. Sally 08.08.2011 at 11:51am #

    We’ve received the kindest emails and FB messages from readers, of understanding and encouraging taking the time off to replenish…Here are a couple we couldn’t resist posting:

    ‘Good for you! Relax, refresh, recenter. Thanks for your thought-provoking e-mails. Looking forward to more in the future – after you rest. Now to the archives….”

    “bravo!! beautiful!! wonderful!! heartwarming!! fun!! how do we feed the fire??!! sending you much love on your break and always…”

    …more evidence of the unbelievably great community that makes up ‘the improvised life’.

    THANK YOU!!!!

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