embracing the blank canvas

Lucio Fontana Milano 1964

Photo: Ugo Mulas

This photo of artist Lucio Fontana reminded us how central that concept of “blank canvas” is to ‘the improvised life’. Getting up in the morning, the day ahead is our first blank canvas. Each post we write starts as one as well: blank space that is pure potential; we often don’t know where it will go, but we know for sure that something will appear; it always does. That might be one of the most wonderful lessons we’ve learned from ‘the improvised life’.

A blank canvas is where all the things around us started: tea cup, computer, lamp, clothes, writing. Each moment has that blank-canvas potential. Amazing!

Lucio Fontana yellow cut painting

Photo: Lucio Fontana/Sperone Westwater

 via Mondoblogo

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4 Responses to embracing the blank canvas

  1. Harriet 08.15.2011 at 8:27am #

    Nobody talks about a blank canvas better than Stephen Sondheim with
    Finishing the Hat lyrics from Sunday in the Park with George:

    “Finishing a hat…
    Starting on a hat…
    Finishing a hat…
    Look I made a hat…
    Where there never was a hat…”

    At the end of the show, George says,
    “White: a blank page or canvas. His favorite – so many possibilities.”

    These words have become my work mantra. I’ve posted them above my desk and see them every time I look up from my computer.

  2. jody 08.15.2011 at 10:28am #

    I love the metaphor of the blank canvas – blank page – for me its very useful to spend some time w/that canvas at the end of the day – reflecting, assimilating, introspecting, connecting with what has appeared – what story have I told today??? thank you!!

  3. Sally 08.15.2011 at 1:15pm #

    Harriet, these words are so perfect (That Sondheim!!!) We’re going to make a sign out of them. Thanks a million.

  4. Sharon Byrkit 08.16.2011 at 10:35am #

    I love your comment. Thank you!

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