details of minimalist’s life: jeffrey miller

Jeffrey Miller rock with twine

photo: wendy goodman

We worked with Jeffrey Miller many years ago when he was prop stylist and always marveled at his wonderful eye. We also marveled at the apartment he lived in, which at the time was a tiny studio with a giant window on the lower east side of Manhattan. We loved its extreme minimalism which combined function and beauty way before those ideas became popularized. He’s in new digs now, which were recently featured in New York Magazine. For a guy whose work is fabulous stuff, his home is a story of extreme restraint and quirkiness. We love his door stop made out of a found rock tied with twine, and this pile of smooth stones he’d collected over twenty years are totally after our-own-heart…

Jeffrey Miller rocks on floor

photo: wendy goodman

…as is the surprising fact that Miller prefers NOT to sleep on a regular bed, but on a mattress on the floor; his version is curiously zen-like, inviting and liberating…

Jeffrey Miller bed on floor

photo: wendy goodman

Check out the whole slide show here.

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One Response to details of minimalist’s life: jeffrey miller

  1. Steve Self 10.28.2016 at 12:19pm #

    I’m sorry, but with all those piles of stuff, that is not minimalism. That is regular clutter artfully managed. Minimalism puts all that noise away so that things are clear and clean and there is little for the mind to get distracted into. Even better, don’t collect stuff and thereby give weight to the materialistic mind. Minimalism is space and emptiness and the fundamental joy therein.

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