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We used to really love Whose Line Is It Anyway, the hilarious TV show that featured daring acts of improvisation, live. The host provided the resident comedians with specific constraints – a character, challenge or scenario – and they then had to improvise with them on the spot. They came up with some brilliant, and totally funny improvs. So we were thrilled to discover that the complete US and UK Whose Line series is available FREE online, perfect for a lazy weekend.

We view creating a good improvised scene as very similar to cultivating an ‘improvised life:’ both require you to be on your feet and in the moment, and say “yes” to new paths and opportunities as they arise (one of the great Tina Fey’s rules for Improv). You can watch those principles in action AND take a bit of an entertainment break.

Some of the most fun segments on the US version of Whose Line is “Sound Effects”. Members of the studio audience join the comedians on stage and provide the sound effects for the scene being acted out (Video above, or link here). Watching the inexperienced improvisers trying to keep pace with the “professionals” is pretty hilarious. Although the great thing about improvising is of course that anyone with a little courage can jump right in.

Here’s another good bit  (Video link here):

Via Open Culture

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