thanks and wow! (friends w benefits)

Holton Rower artwork: money, cinderblock

artwork: holton rower

When we launched our fund-raising experiment, Friends with Benefits, we were amazed and heartened to get emails from some readers asking if they could pledge more than the $5, $7, or $9 monthly we gave as options on the PayPal menu. That’s possible now.

THANK YOU to those who pledged and the many welcome single donations we received. We are heartened, and hoping we will be able to stave off taking advertising.

In the meantime, if you find yourself eagerly awaiting ‘the improvised life’ in your Inbox each morning, or find it reverberating in your life, we encourage you to become a Friend with Benefits, and start linking to the community.

If it didn’t have locks on it, we’d post this video about now.

Top image: Untitled artwork by Holton Rower made of money and cinder block. Thanks Holt!

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