stylish d-i-y fabric disguises for ugly furniture

fabric covering for ugly furniture

Architectural Digest, New York Interiors, 1979

When You Have Been Here Sometime recently posted some images from Architectural Digest, New York Interiors, 1979, we were struck by this one. Although lamps and pouf and carpet are all pretty dated and rigid, a great idea remains: covering a homely piece of furniture with beautiful fabric. Who knows what’s under the ochre yellow panel? It could be two horizontal file cabinets placed end to end for all we know. Layering fabrics adds substance and a mix of textures and colors. The fabric covers don’t HAVE to be hemmed: intentionally ripped linen can be beautiful…

ripped linen via Ikea catalogue


But if you want to have the ends finished, it’s not difficult to do on a sewing machine OR take it to the tailor at the local dry cleaner and have him/her do it.

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