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felled tree with message Harlem Ny

photo: sally schneider

A couple of weeks ago, we were walking through Marcus Garvey Park when we came upon a tree that had come down during Hurricane Irene. The Parks Department had finished the job, cutting all the way down to the stump. We were deeply touched by the newly scrawled message—written before the debris had even been removed—and we’ve been mulling it over ever since.

Who is Iris’s admirer and how did they come to love her so fiercely? What happened in 1954? What must it have been like when they saw her cracked in half by the storm? We have a million little stories swirling around, but we want to hear yours. Email us your story/theory about Iris and her mystery beloved at [email protected]. In a couple of weeks we’ll pick our favorite and publish it as a guest blog post. Just a short story..No more than 300 words please. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

felled tree with message Harlem NY

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