“can do” (maira kalman)

Maira Kalman Tesla "Can Do" NY Times

Here’s one of our favorite pictures from “Can Do”, a riff about the nature of invention from the great Maira Kalman’s New York Times Blog “And the Pursuit of Happiness“.  It’s of the inventor Nikola Tesla “who talked to pigeons and worked with electricity while calmly reading a book.”

We see it as a picture of big ideas happening…actually how we feel when an idea ignites…like it has a life of its own and we get to “sureness”…like all we have to do is follow it along…

…it’s like nothing else!

(For more of Kalman’s posts, scroll down to the very bottom of the Times post.)

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  1. Cara De Silva 10.18.2011 at 9:46am #

    She is a wonder. Thank you for posting this, dear Sally. I am taking it to my FB page right now.

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