color/pattern meditation break

next week I’ll get my machine back - hopefully.
time goes so so slow now..

We are big fans of davidope, a designer and amazing gif artist. We just found this beautiful gif on his tumblr DVDP, “his visual Chinatown”.
…offered as a sparkly break in your day…

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  1. sahana martin 10.19.2011 at 10:40am #

    Thinking of color and shape, i was reminded of a picture you might like .
    It is called ” Revelation Is More Perilous Than Revolution ” , taken by Los Angeles-based photographer Dan Busta . You can find it here : ( shortened, in case posting links is not ok )
    There is also a little clip that shows the making of the set , in collaboration with the artist Michelle Jane Lee .

    A day of colorful revelations ,

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