more fab (and daring) painted floors (to d-i-y?)

geometric artistic painted floor

matthieu lavanchy

We stumbled on this crazy-great painted floor artist Matthieu Lavanchy on the very out-there/interesting 2thewalls by New York designer Keehnan Konyha (Slide show of his apartment here; we couldn’t find any actual info about him.) +  (Warning, 2thewalls has been likened to “falling down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland”. It’s easy to get lost looking at all the wild stuff.)

About that time, we came across FreshHome’s post of 30 floor designs; many, though not all of them are painted. This Dalmatian spot one is pretty great.

Would we dare?

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pollock-esque paint-spattered floor
a painted (floor) rug
constantino nivola’s yellow tractor paint floor
painted floors with a surprise

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