brick lust (where are cool bricks hiding?)

brick wall Japan

photo: reference library

A most beautiful wall: cool modernist, geometric bricks and hunks of painted wood (Japanese, of course)…makes us crazy to find bricks like this…

We didn’t find a thing via google until we stumbled on Mondoblogo‘s post of some wonderful brick constructions posted in Apartamento Magazine.

bricks Apartamento Magazine

photo: nacho alegre

It listed the bricks used, so we had some specific NAMES to google, like

hand made brick,
concrete block,
three-hole perforated bricks,
extruded tongue and groove brick,
refractory brick,
honeycomb pattern perforated brick,
oval pattern perforated brick,
diamond pattern perforated brick,
engineers brick,
extruded hollow brick,
terracotta hollow brick,
bottle brick,
clay tile brick,
and basic hollow brick.
bricks Apartamento Magazine
Ohhhh. Now we get it!

via Reference Library 

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One Response to brick lust (where are cool bricks hiding?)

  1. Cynthia A. 10.26.2011 at 7:53am #

    Lust just begins to cover it. How about covet, desire, hanker after….
    I need some bricks!

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