find your alter ego while we’re gone!

We’ve got so many ‘improvised life’ projects on the burners that we need to take the week off to focus on them. While we’re on our tiny hiatus, we recommend poking around our attic/archive of past posts (type a word into the search box  and see what appears)….

OR check out this illuminating anagram-maker that Editor-at-Large David Saltman got lost in recently. Just type in a name or phrase and see the thousands of anagrams it yields. Like the New York Post’s daily horoscope, it’s amazing how curiously apt many are, as though revealing hidden identities…

David Bruce Saltman = Ina Mudd Barncastle…Travis Ludd MacBean

Sally Schneider = Chilly Dearness… Sandy Chiseller

The Improvised Life = Revisited Home Flip…Reimposed Hive Flip….Defer Implosive Hit!…Hi Limits, Fevered Ops…

Use “Advanced Search” to get more targeted results THEN use the GIF-Maker to animate the best ones.  We’d love to hear what you come up with.

See you next week with a surprise or two…

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