dada-esque ‘extreme repurposing’: postage stamp nail polish

postage stamp nail polish

reuben miller

At the end of designer Reuben Miller‘s clever riff on the extreme repurposing movement, some readers commented that that a fly swatter face protector and a paint brush door stop were “stupid’; other’s thought Dada. Some, like us, dug the IDEA that you can make something out of just about anything.

But we fell in love with one repurposing idea for real: stamps as nail “polish”. We’d just come back from the post office where we’d bought some pretty groovy stamps: a tiny Edward Hopper sailboat scene:

Edward Hopper stamp nail polish

…some teeny tangerines mandarine oranges commemorating the Year of the Rabbit:

Year of the Rabbit stamp nail polish

We’d cut ’em out and stick ’em on…maybe give them a coat of clear polish. (Too bad our favorite Pioneers of American Industrial Design featuring the iconic Eliot Noyes Selectric typewriter, Russel Wrights’s silverware, and Walter Dorwin Teqgue’s Brownie camera…are too big to fit on a fingernail.)

flower stamp nail polish

reuben miller

Thanks Sandy!!

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5 Responses to dada-esque ‘extreme repurposing’: postage stamp nail polish

  1. Upendra 11.20.2011 at 11:35am #

    Those are kumquats, not tangerines!

  2. Sally 11.20.2011 at 8:17pm #

    They may well not be tangerines, but I don’t think they’re kumquat’s either: wrong shape. I’m going to do some research and see what I find. Stay tuned.

    …I’m thinking maybe they’re Mandarin oranges…

    We got official word from our friend Viviane Chen who knows a ton about Chinese foods. They are Mandarins!!!

  3. Kristine 03.15.2013 at 12:52am #

    I am currently researching ways to repurpose stamps and this idea is simply unique to me. I may just try it.

  4. Kathleen 07.02.2014 at 9:15pm #

    Hi There!

    I wanted to let you know I just posted this pic on my FB page, Upcycle and Remix . I posted links to your blog and FB page as well.

    If this isn’t o.k. with you, just let me know and I will promptly remove this photo.

    Warm regards,

  5. Sally 07.07.2014 at 10:28am #

    Hey, thanks a million!!!!

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