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In October, 2010 I had just started graduate school and was in a bit of a panic about my choice. I was setting myself up for somewhat limited career options and would graduate with a sizeable chunk of student debt. So when I was asked, at a conference I attended that fall, to write myself a postcard that would be mailed to me three months later, I thought hard about the message I wanted to receive.

Of course I forgot all about the postcard. I came home three months later to find it waiting for me, declaring confidently: “Keep calm. You made the right decision.” And indeed, I had.

Sometimes there is nothing more comforting than our own reassurance or words of wisdom, but for whatever reason we’re often not able to hear ourselves clearly in the moment. That’s what makes FutureMe such a great idea: you can write yourself emails to be delivered at any point in the future. (Don’t be put off by the ugly website).

You can keep your messages private or publish your letters anonymously to the site on the day they are sent; it’s both fun and illuminating to read what people have written to themselves.

Some are reminders: “Skype Olivia, you love her”…,
Some are warnings: “You better have at least a B average in all of your classes”…
And some are encouraging: ” Life is hard right now…however, remember why you wanted to do it…to change someone’s life no matter how small it seems to them”.

The best are like the one above, which expresses simple wisdom I think we all want to tell ourselves from time to time.

–Sarah M.

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2 Responses to messages from the future, written in the past

  1. sahana martin 11.28.2011 at 9:26am #

    How about :

    Dear future self ,

    congratulations for having come this far !

    You-know-who ( by now )

  2. Sally 11.29.2011 at 11:51am #

    Great message. I’d love to receive that!

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