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sign: the joy of not being sold anything


When we did our 2-minute survey, we discovered that A LOT of our readers love that there are no ads on ‘the improvised life’, that we are not trying to sell them something. Not having advertising is easier-said-than done: ads provide revenue that pays for the production costs of content. No ads = no $$.

We’re looking for other solutions. One we’re trying is Friends with Benefits: support us for $5 or more a month and get a link on our site. Please help us keep afloat to keep doing-what-we do, ad-free. It takes less than 5 minutes to do, and gives us FUEL.

photo via Ouno via Facebook (original source unknown)

2 Responses to don’t like ads? become a ‘friend with benefits’

  1. Lindsay 12.01.2011 at 4:33pm #

    I don’t do ads on my blog either, because I personally can’t stand advertising (insincerity, ingratiating tone, consumerism). This is a good idea. Isn’t that a beautiful billboard?

  2. Elizabeth 12.02.2011 at 12:48am #

    I have a BlogHer ad on my site and while it doesn’t make me happy, I grit my teeth and bear it.

    And your idea is a good one. I am totally going to give to you!

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