an antidote to busyness

(Video link here.) We were very late in posting today…and have been, here and there, for the past couple of weeks. We feel like the white rabbit, RUNNING, as we juggle and handle and make decisions…running ‘the improvised life’ while we work on a mind-boggling project (which we hope to start blogging soon.)

And all the while, we wonder if there’s something we’re doing wrong…all this rushing. Is there another way to manage all that we have taken on without letting something slip OR have our expectations become so unrealistic that we are just asking too much of ourselves? We can think of a lot of reasons for our busyness: perfectionism, ambition, hyper-focus on details…being a blogger (ha). We know so many people asking the same questions, we’re beginning to view busy-ness as the bane (or delusion) of our era.

We don’t know YET how to reduce the load. But we HAVE been practicing stopping in the midst, being mindful, breathing, BEING THERE, if even for a moment, guided by morning reading of Thich Nhat Hanh’s  Peace is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life.

“When you drive around the city and come to a red light or a stop sign, you can just sit back and make use of these twenty or thirty seconds to relax — to breathe in, breathe out, and enjoy arriving in the present moment. There are many things like that we can do.” 

For now, in the midst of our crazy-busyness, we’ll practice doing just that much…

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  1. Wendy 02.13.2012 at 8:24am #

    Oh yes indeed!! I am a HUGE blessings counter and am working on the breathing thing. I learned the gratitude lesson at my mother’s knee, and mentally thank her daily for it.

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