christoph niemann’s fab color-tiled bathrooms

photo: todd selby

On the Selby’s latest photo story, we fell in love with the vivid color tiled bathrooms at illustrator Christoph Niemann (famous for imaginative his New York Times’ blog) and art historian Lisa Zeitz’s home in Berlin. They make what would be rather ordinary bathrooms dazzling.

It takes quite an eye for color to put together tiles in such a harmonious and charming manner, but if you’re not up to the task…just copy these great patterns…

photo: todd selby

photo: todd selby

…or do what color-consultant Eve Ashcraft,  author of The Right Color, does: find a color palette in a favorite painting or object as inspiration (you’ll find lots on her blog Studio Horn:

photo: eve ashcraft

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2 Responses to christoph niemann’s fab color-tiled bathrooms

  1. Elizabeth Wang 12.14.2011 at 6:06pm #

    The tiles in the shower remind me of the NYC subway map. Love Christoph Niemann by the way.

  2. Sally 12.14.2011 at 6:41pm #

    Ha. I hadn’t noticed that. You’re right. Really great!

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