‘gif wrap’ + six strategies for cool, cheap gift wrap (d-i-y)


We wish our gift wrapping could do the boogie-woogie like this Gif Wrap by Fueled by Coffee. But barring that bit of magical brilliance, here’s our favorite strategies for impromptu gift wrapping.

paint your (gift) boxes!
art wrapping paper for gifts
give your gift in a fab (recycled) box
dishtowel as….
impromptu gift wrap with built-in card
unwrapping the holidays: alt-gifts, d-i-y wrap and……… cool blogs

gif via Core 77

2 Responses to ‘gif wrap’ + six strategies for cool, cheap gift wrap (d-i-y)

  1. Deb Eisloeffel 12.21.2011 at 9:28am #

    Oh, you gotta take a look at Furoshiki, the Japanese art of wrapping with fabric. Just Google the term, or get started with the excellent video on this site: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/eco-friendly-wrapping.html

  2. Sally 12.21.2011 at 11:53am #

    Hey, thanks for the reminder. We did something on Furoshiki as alt-plastic bag a while back, but didn’t connect what great gift wrapping they would make.

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