how to be yourself in 10 simple steps

from Forbes "How to Be More Interesting"

Forbes Online recently published a piece called “How to Be More Interesting (In 10 Simple Steps).” We love the steps (and Jessica Hagy‘s illustrations that accompany each one), we couldn’t help feeling like they weren’t really about being “interesting,” but more about BEING YOURSELF. We’d retitle it: How to Be Yourself, In 10 Simple Steps. (Being yourself will guarantee you are interesting.) Here’s the list, with our favorites in bold face:

1. Go exploring.

2. Share what you discover.

3. Do something. Anything.

4. Embrace your innate weirdness.

5. Have a cause.

6. Minimize the swagger.

7. Give it a shot.

8. Hop off the bandwagon.

9. Grow a pair.

10. Ignore the scolds.

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2 Responses to how to be yourself in 10 simple steps

  1. jody 01.06.2012 at 12:13pm #

    i would add one more…

    11. Do nothing…sometimes.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Sally 01.06.2012 at 4:13pm #

    That is really the best and most essential one. Thank you, Jody, for getting right to the point.

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