the secret of shipping pallet beds

On the lookout for an inexpensive bed frame, this shipping pallet bed caught our eye. It’s got a low profile rustic-modern look, though we’re not crazy about the overhang on the sides (easy to bang your shin on). It made us start analyzing and mulling what makes a really great shipping pallet bed.

At Straphacker, we stumbled on a great roundup of shipping pallet beds that confirmed some of our ideas.

The most essential thing seems to be appealing linens. They can balance and give charm to even the roughest of pallets…

For us, the modern lines and cheap wood of a shipping pallet beg to be painted.  We were wondering what simple white would like like and found this picture of the transformation:

white painted shipping pallet bed

Stacking a double or triple layer of pallets would make for a higher bed and storage for art books…

As for our personal issue of wanting a pallet platform that fits the width of our mattress, we’ve discovered that pallets come in a variety of sizes (available at Uline) that can be fit together like a puzzle to fit a mattress. (They could also simply be cut down since they all the joints are nailed). We’d  figure two 58″ x 41″ pallets would make a 58″ x 82″ bed that would fit a queen-size mattress about fine, with a handy little platform at the end of the bed.

(To make sure the platform doesn’t slide apart, we’re thinking we’d screw the pallets together.)

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4 Responses to the secret of shipping pallet beds

  1. CT 01.05.2012 at 5:27pm #

    Be careful… A lot of wood shipping pallets are treated with industrial pesticides to prevent insects from traveling with cargo overseas. You don’t want to bring those chemicals into your house, let alone sleep on them.

  2. Sally 01.05.2012 at 10:23pm #

    Thanks for your concern. We followed the story with some previous posts we wrote on exactly that subject:
    the scoop on safe shipping pallets (shipping pallets 101)
    ps: some possible dangers of wood shipping pallets

  3. jellyfishheart 01.06.2012 at 5:08am #

    I was going to say the same thing as CT. Also, if you live anywhere with dust problems (i.e, in a place with old floorboards) they are a pain in the ass to clean. But there is no denying how good they look.

  4. Catherine mejia 12.02.2012 at 9:56pm #

    I just read a great article about this. The national shipping pallet association (not sure of the correct name) said that there isn’t enough chemicals in the to hurt humans. Goggle it… I’m sure you’ll find it.

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