ice texts: words of ice (molded like a popsicle)

nicole dextras ice typography

nicole dextras

We really love artist Nicole Dextras ice texts series, especially this 6 foot high “VIEW” made out of ice and set out in the landscape and left to melt – a lovely, ephemeral artwork that changes our….view. You’ll find other potent ice texts and installations at her website, along with what amounts to “how-to’s” for making ice words. Dextras builds molds of individual letters out of wood, fills them with water, sometimes coloring them with food colors, and then waits for them to freeze before removing the molds…curiously similar to making a popsicle. 

making an ice word Nicole Dextras

nicole dextras

homemade popsicles


how-to-make-a-popsicle —->>>>  how to make ART….

Nicole Dextras ice text

nicole dextras

…(could a popsicle have such an influence?)

nicole dextras ice art

nicole dextras

…we’re gonna remember this for when (if) it gets really cold…

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