magazine storage d-i-y: belt them!

magazines "bundled" with vintage belts

We really like this novel way to store magazines by strapping stacks of them with belts; it turns them into an objet, a surprising something that is more stylish than a stack of magazines, yet serves a function. Cool-looking belts can be had cheap at second-hand and thrift stores. We wondered if the stack could go stool height without slipping around, for impromtu seating or surface. We found this iteration of the idea…which we’re not crazy about. It would be easy enough to deconstruct. We’d try using a cut-to-size board for support instead of the fussy legged platform, and dumping the pillow…maybe just put a rectangle of leather on top to protect the magazines (which we’d want to keep in good shape).

via French By Design

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  1. Sigrid 12.12.2012 at 9:55am #

    What a great idea! It would work with old textbooks too. The textbooks can rarely be resold since new editions come out so quickly, then people are stuck wondering what to do with them.

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