light reflective bike decals for safety and fun

We discovered RydeSafe Reflective Bike Decals via Better Living Through Design and quickly pledged to the RydeSafe Kickstarter project. These great-looking decals were designed by Tonky, an artist from Brooklyn who was hit by car and set out to make something that would keep him and other bikers safe while riding at night. The stickers are made from a film that reflects light (called conspicuity film), and are made to fit bike rims and frames, as well as helmets and accessories. The effect is quite striking, and makes you impossible to miss.

We love the mix of design and safety, but also think that these would make a great gifts for kids. We’re imagining walls and toys and clothes embellished with stickers in colorful patterns that would be cool unto themselves…

…AND would light up suddenly in the darkness.

(Video link here)

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  1. Cynthia A. 01.19.2012 at 7:30am #

    These are awesome! Even though there is a 2″ mix of an icy-snow on the roads where I live I want to grab my bike and reflectify it.

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