the creative possibilities for being ‘on hold’ via christophe neimann

christophe niemann for the new york times

A revelation from last weekend’s New York Times’ Magazine: the great Christophe Niemann doodle made while he was ‘on hold’ forever, waiting for a person to pick up, listening to Clair de Lune. Click to listen while you follow the amazing path Niemann wandered and the many discoveries he made…

(Our strategy for being “on hold” is to wear an old-fashioned telephone headset – an essential tool – so we can write, scan blogs, surf…as we follow one thing to another… draw….and make cups of tea…cook. It’s not so much being “on hold” that we mind, it’s the irritating music that’s the problem. Take away the music, and it wouldn’t bother us much at all.)

What do you do while you’re on hold?

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2 Responses to the creative possibilities for being ‘on hold’ via christophe neimann

  1. Tim 01.26.2012 at 8:40pm #

    Thank you for the inspiration. When I was on hold with Verizon several nights in the past month, waiting up to an hour each time before giving up, I researched how much the CEO of Verizon makes, to see if perhaps cutting his salary and spending the money instead on hiring tech support people might be a more useful way to spend the money. Next time I’ll draw since that appears to be more relaxing. Especially the sheep.

  2. Sally 01.27.2012 at 5:37pm #

    How terrible to be on hold SEVERAL NIGHTS…Yikes, Tim!
    HAd you had some good colored pencils/markers and paper around, you would have made several masterpieces.

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