essential reading: ‘how-to construct rietveld furniture’

We’ve long loved Dutch architect and designer Gerrit Rietveld’s elegant, elemental, iconic wood furniture. When we read that there was a book of his built-it-yourself furniture designs, we were thrilled….until we discovered that it cost $145 new and $78 used at Amazon. Darn.  (Curious, a few days later we found that it IS available on Amazon though we had searched and searched before…)

So we went on a hunt. And found it! How to Construct Rietveld Furniture is available for $39.95 at Tools for Woodworking. Here’s its enticing description:

Rietveld’s furniture is really easy to make. The joinery is well within the skill of even a rank beginner, and you come out with world class 20th century furniture…The designs range from his famous chairs to tables, stools, a magnificent sideboard, a few pieces scaled for children, and some lamps from his more architectural work.  


via Atelier

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2 Responses to essential reading: ‘how-to construct rietveld furniture’

  1. matt 02.15.2012 at 10:17pm #

    i have this book! it’s fantastic!

  2. Sally 02.15.2012 at 11:45pm #

    Glad to hear…I’ve been lusting after it. Have you made anything, or have you used it as inspiration?

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