3 Responses to ‘seeing’ is a practice (look what’s hidden in plain sight)

  1. Pamela 02.22.2012 at 10:05pm #

    I love “Peepin Hole.”

    Your post reminded me of an essay by the the influential designer George Nelson in his book titled “How to See.” He writes that “to see is to think” and supports this with a variety of examples of why it matters. If you are able, check out the essay titled “Four Hundred Faces.”

  2. Rosemary Washington 09.19.2012 at 4:28pm #

    “The art of drifting was an antimapping experience and the idea was to wander, to meander around a city, at every moment being alive to whatever drew you. You were in thrall to the spirit of place, rather than having place under your thumb, on a map, on a plan.” — from Jay Griffiths book, Elemental Journey, where he talks about Australian artist John Wolseyley. I just happened to be reviewing one of my commonplace books and was re-reading this quote. Fits perfectly with your wonderful post today.

  3. Sally 09.19.2012 at 8:05pm #

    Thank you SO much for this. The quote is absolutely perfect. And I love the notion of “my commonplace books’.

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