d-i-y shower curtain clips: easily removable

We had just been mulling how much we HATE the design of shower curtain rings, that make it so difficult to remove the shower curtain for washing. Then we thought: how nice it would be to have shower curtain rings with clips instead of closed loops, so we could just clip up a big swath of fabric.

As often happens when we start to mull a question, an answer appears in our field of vision, like this picture at Plastic Sans of “nouvelle” shower curtain rings made with Ikea curtain clips and binder rings. Great!

(Then we found these stainless steel Ikea curtain clips which come in separate parts – the ring and the clip. We’re wondering if there’s a way to attach the clip part directly to a shower curtain ring…)

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2 Responses to d-i-y shower curtain clips: easily removable

  1. Carine 03.01.2012 at 12:05pm #

    Target makes clips already attached to the ring. They’re for window curtains but it sounds like a great idea for the bathroom! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Sally 03.01.2012 at 12:10pm #

    Hmmm. The question: how do you get the ring on the shower rod. Unlike a curtain rod, you usually can’t remove it. Or maybe some you can. Gonna check this out.

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